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Design Offices

Naval Architecture

Port Royale collaborates with designers and design offices to assist them as a Sr. Naval Architect during peak workload periods and provides them with feedback regarding Class and Flag requirements. In addition, Port Royale identifies and improves any spots where structural complications may arise during the engineering and production phases.

The services that Port Royale offers to Design Offices are, among others:

  • Drafting of Technical General Arrangements (TGA).

  • Evaluation of designs and TGAs with regards to:

    • Optimization of spaces

    • Class and Flag requirements
    • Design of structures

    • Construction

  • Weight calculations.

  • Intact and damage stability calculations.

  • GT calculations.

  • Review of system drawings.

  • Review of General Construction drawings.

  • Local and global strength calculations.

Design Offices: Equipo
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