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"I know Yaiza from the period she worked as my colleague at Huisman Equipment. To my most surprise, she is always eager to learn new stuff and able to get into that role very fast. As an engineer, she is very accurate. She also has the nature of pushing herself to the peak of pyramid. To achieve there, she is always ready for an extra-long day to finish the deadline, or jump into the trip to meet client to resolve the problems.

Her soft skills are also rather outstanding. She can always radiate her super positive energy to the others around her. Where eve she is, there are always endless joy and laughs. She has the magic to pull you up from the bottom all the way above the surface on all kinds of bad days. In additional, she is a very warn person who is always up for offering help to the people around her. There are so many other words that can well define her, honest, kindness, trustworthy, self-confident... All in all, in combination of her great personalities and engineering skills, she is definitely a team leader type person. I do have the honor to be able to count her as my friend."

Tong Bai

"I've worked closely with Yaiza for little over 2 yrs on different projects. During this time I've come to know her as a hard working dedicated professional woman who won't settle for second best. Her dedication and drive more often then once were key to the succes of our team.  
She has a great personality, a good sense of humor and takes great pride in her work. I've enjoyed working with Yaiza very much and am proud to have her as a friend. 
If offered, have a glas of her grandma's Paxtaran with her, you won't regret it."

Olaf Van Der Meij

"I had the grand opportunity to study in Delft with Yaiza. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit in that she managed to gather knowledge in a country foreign to her in language and place to build a house with limited resources. If these are not signs to grow a business from scratch then I would not know what else would be."

Owura Yeboah

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